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Safety is about more than physical security

It is about asserting the safety and wellbeing of others as well. Our mission is to create  a secure environment for businesses, family homes , and workers to thrive in.


Security Specialists Crime Prevention


We act pre-emptively to prevent disaster. Our surveillance techniques and technology, combined with the strategic placement of our units, allows us to respond to and neutralise a dangerous situation before it can escalate.

Security Specialists Information Security

information security

We understand the value of information security. We use the latest technology for all of our applications, and we understand the importance of current technological knowledge for the protection of digital assets.

Security Specialists Preparedness


Our years of experience have taught us how to deal with extreme situations. We have seen combat, hostage situations, and hot pursuits in our time. Trial by fire has toughened us, and that toughness will protect you too.

Join us today for a safer tomorrow